Wondering how to get started on your own amazing renovation journey? Look no further. We’ve included our favorite products, home decor, and gadgets to hopefully save you some time in your journey!

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Paint Supplies

Window Coverings

These roller shade prices will vary a lot by size, so don’t be scared away at the high price tag on the link. You’ll need to locate the size you need first!

Curtain Dye

You may choose to make new curtains entirely, but know it’s also possible to dye what you have to a fun new shade. We chose teal.

Light Fixtures and bulbs

PRO-TIP, most any light fixture is usable in your RV! What great news! However, you must (emphasis MUST again) use 12V bulbs in the fixtures. So without further ado, here they are.

Our fixture is back in stock! Yay!


Bedspread and other cozy things

An easy change of fabrics around the RV can brighten things up and bring your rig from the mid 90’s to wonderful new millennium.

Counter top contact paper

We love our butcher block contact paper but if you’re expecting a LOT of wear and tear I’d suggest the Giani Countertop Paint Kit, Bombay Black.

Handles,knobs, and hooks

This is a quick and easy update you can do in your motor home or camper that will make a world of difference in looks. Choose some handy leather handles or stick with a classy golden matte finish handle. It’s up to you!

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