• “That must be Mr.Springs himself!” Hot Springs, AR
    Long time no talk my faithful blog friends! Turns out working full-time is not as conducive to blog-writing as life on the road was. But, nonetheless, I bring you a quick weekend review of our trips to Hot Springs. AR and ideas for your own home state getaway! Central Avenue “A man profits by his … Read more
  • “It’s a bit macabre” Life Afterwards.
    Hello adventurers, it’s been awhile since you heard from us but never fear we are alive and well. Unfortunately, I don’t have new travels to gift you with but I thought I’d give you an update on our life currently. School for Luke As mentioned in previous posts, Luke returned to school in January and … Read more
  • “The First and Last State!” Delaware
    Happy Saturday Friends! I’ll just jump right into things today for you! Running out of time and above freezing temperatures, we made our way to our final state, Delaware! Which just so happens to be the first state of the good ole’ USA. It honestly felt surreal as we began to uncover this last state … Read more
  • “Look at all this old stuff!”-Philadelphia, PA
    Greetings everyone! This past week took us to Philadelphia, PA. Though this was not really the original plan. From Connecticut, we’d planned to try and explore New York City as best we could. But, with Arkansas tags and the city still being on lockdown, for the most part, it just wasn’t in the cards for … Read more
  • “Raise the bridge!”-Mystic, CT and Providence, RI
    Aloha friends! No, we are not in Hawaii as my greeting might make you think. We knocked out two more states this past week visiting Connecticut and Rhode Island. We were lucky to snag another good deal in East Killingly, CT using our Good Sam membership. I don’t talk about this membership just a whole … Read more
  • “I love a good bargain.”-Portland, ME and Portsmouth NH
    Greetings from Thousand Trails in Maine! Yup, you read that right, we were able to squeeze a final Thousand Trails stay in before our membership expired at the beginning of October. We were thrilled by this because money saved means money to do more fun things! We parked Gurdy at Thousand Trails Mood Beach in … Read more
  • The Hunt for Cheeses. -New Hampshire and Vermont
    Greetings from New Hampshire (and Vermont, we’re very near the state line)! As the title states, we’ve been on the hunt for delectable cheeses and other local New England Grub. Our first stop was not for cheese but for apple cider donuts at Carter Hill Orchard. I would apologize for the explosion of pictures in … Read more
  • 3,160 tons of water a second. Niagara Falls, NY
    Last week’s post here if ya missed it!
  • “Meatloaf, Smeatloaf, Double Beetloaf. ” Cleveland, Ohio
    Greetings friends! You immediately receive bonus points if you were able to guess what this week’s blog title is quoting. If not, you’ll find out soon enough! Either way, keep reading. This week brought us to Ohio! Jefferson, Ohio to be exact, we planned to explore Cleveland, Ohio too. It included our final Thousand Trails … Read more
  • “It feels a little lonely”- exploring Detroit, MI
    What’s a giveaway? Hello friends! I hope you’re having an oh-so-fine weekend. We’ve had a wonderful week but unfortunately, our website did not (it was down the past couple days due to an attack). But fear not, we are up and running again just a bit behind schedule. You may have already seen on social … Read more
  • Homeward Bound! From Belvidere, IL to Ashdown, AR
    Hello everyone, and happy Saturday to you! These past 2 weeks brought with them a calm pace we’d not practiced in a while. We spent our time at Pine Country Thousand Trails in Belvidere, IL, and Ashdown, AR. What’s there to do in Belvidere? Well not a whole lot, and honestly we welcomed that after … Read more
  • In the Land of the Cheese Curd-Milwaukee, WI
    Hooray! We made it to Wisconsin (visiting Milwaukee, Caledonia, and Racine County)! Luke and I were both eager to experience this state with it notability for good cheese and craft beers. While there are no Thousand Trails campgrounds in Wisconsin we lucked out and found a great county campground, Cliffside Park for a reasonable price! … Read more
  • “Dreams do come true!” Minneapolis, MN and Austin, MN
    The Mall of America Our first stop in Minneapolis, Minnesota was the Mall of America. It was a literal dream come true for Luke and me. “Oh Kelsey, it’s just a mall, calm down.” you think to yourself. But here’s the thing, Luke and I remembered reading about the Mall of America in the Guinness … Read more
  • Corn, a wood chipper, and some beautiful memories.
    Greetings! I hope you’ve had a memorable week and are ready for some stories. Here we go ;)! We had a couple more stops to make in the Dakotas before wrapping up our time there, one of those being Badlands National Park (South Dakota, unfortunately we weren’t able to make it to the North Dakota … Read more
  • “It’s like living in the wild west!” South Dakota
    This week brought us to South Dakota and I sang songs from the musical “Paint Your Wagon” all week long. “Is that musical based in South Dakota?” No, it’s not, but it really felt like it should’ve been so what can I say. If you haven’t watched it, it’s a real classic with Clint Eastwood … Read more
  • Glacier National Park and a Little Mystery.
    Hello friends, this week brought us to Kalispell, MT. It was quite the drive because it turns out Montana is a pretty long state But we made it! We parked Gurdy at the fair grounds and began our exploring. Fun tip, if you’re looking for a cheap place to stay that’s almost guaranteed to have … Read more
  • *Cue the Frasier theme song.* A Day in Seattle, WA
    Hello all! I have been excited to share our day in Seattle with you all week! So you may or may not know, Luke and I love the 90’s show, “Frasier”. We’ve seriously watched the entire series at least 2 times possibly 3. The sitcom is based in Seattle so of course we’ve always wanted … Read more
  • Exploring Mount Rainier National Park and Quincy, WA
    Happy Saturday my friends! It’s been another wild week of 2020 but fear not because we’re here with your daily dose of pretty pictures and some happy thoughts ;). This week we visited Quincy, WA and Silver Creek, WA. Both of these small town are host to Thousand Trails Campgrounds so we were all about … Read more
  • Yellowstone with EmbryAdventureCo. Where to stay and what to see!
    Woo hoo! We finally made it to Yellowstone! Let me tell ya, do NOT boil water and stay at home! Get your booty to Yellowstone it is truly as beautiful as they say. We were able to spend 2 days exploring the park and stayed in the town of Island Park, ID (Just across the … Read more
  • “This is great! I love carbs.”–Idaho and Grand Teton National Park
    This past week brought us to the lovely town of Blackfoot, Idaho! Now to be truthful I never really dreamed of going to Idaho but I’ll have to say, it’s quite a lovely place with a lot more beautiful scenery than I’d ever imagined! We camped out at Blackfoot RV park which was luckily right … Read more
  • “Whew, not sure Gurdy was made for these mountains”- Utah
    Another week has come and gone! We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Utah. Our first stop on the way from Wyoming to Utah was the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. We got to spend our anniversary camped by the river on BLM land, Jug Hollow (located within Flaming Gorge). Flaming Gorge Flaming gorge is quite … Read more
  • Home,home on the Range- Cheyenne,Wyoming
    Yeehaw! This week we made it to Cheyenne Wyoming. We were lucky enough to find another lovely Boondocker’s Welcome host and even made friends with our neighbors while there (this host had space for several RV’s). Downtown Cheyenne, WY Our first stop was downtown Cheyenne, WY. We hoped to visit the Cowgirls of the West … Read more
  • Well that was unexpected. Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska
    This week brought Gurdy to new and uncharted territory! At least for us anyways. We headed to Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska and boy was it hot! Luke and I were both super surprised by just how hot it was because we thought going up north away from Arkansas would equal…well ya know, not hot? Turns … Read more
  • Five Days out and about in Iowa
    Luke, Kelsey, and Bobby roll on to Woodward IA! Taking advantage of a spacious Boondockers Welcome stay and visiting the cities of Woodward, Des Moines, and Pella. Come see what we found!
  • Keeping it Real in Kansas. Explore Wichita with us!
    Hello friends! I thought I’d catch you up on things as we begin our third leg of this adventure. We headed out from our familiar Arkansan surroundings on May 21st, 2020. This decision took some planning and thought but we decided to get back on the road as states begin to re-open. We headed towards … Read more
  • “Babe, could you…” RV Carpet redo, fridge repair and motorcycle overhaul
    *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Hi guys, sorry I’ve skipped posting for a couple weeks but I’m back this week! While stationed in our small hometown in Arkansas we’ve finally had time to tackle some bigger projects on Gurdy and the motorcycle (Trudy the Triumph). Gurdy’s Carpet Makeover You know how … Read more
  • Planning for a Big Trip. Our Favorite Resources.
    Hi guys! Hope you’ve had a joyful week of social distancing! I think a lot of people are eager about planning trips for the future in this trying time. I’ve found people interested in our travels will sometimes ask, “How do you plan our your route? How do you know what to go do?” So … Read more
  • Figuring it out- Ashdown, AR
    Hey guys! Kelsey here. This past week we made it back to our hometown of Ashdown, AR. We’ll be hunkering down here for awhile until things start to go back to normal. We’ve been slowly shifting into a new routine of life back home and attempting to find productive ways to occupy ourselves while social … Read more
  • “Want a hot dog?” Our Favorite RV Meals
    Hi, hey, hello my friends! I’m writing to you from Gurdy as she barrels down the road (driven by Luke of course) towards Arkansas. I know, I am sad our adventures seem to be on pause for a bit too. But we truly feel being safe at home is the best place to be for … Read more
  • Is this it? Pungoteague, VA
    Hello friends! Short post but wanted to keep you updated on our whereabouts and explorations (socially isolated of course) over the last week. We decided to remain in Virginia and spend time with more family. We said our goodbyes to Myranda and hightailed it to Pungoteaque, VA to camp out in my cousin’s (Tori and … Read more
  • As Dad says, “Monitor and adjust” Washington, D.C.
    Hello! Hope you all are safe and well during this new experience for us all. As expected this week brought several changes to our travel plan, but that’s alright! As I took out my planner and began to make calls and cancellations to campgrounds, I found myself repeating what dad has always told me growing … Read more
  • In the midst of a pandemic…Charleston,WV
    Wow. What a week I am not sure where to begin. I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy in the midst of COVID-19. I’ll discuss some measures we’re taking as full-timers later on in this post, but first, let’s talk about family! My wonderful mom and dad flew all the way out … Read more
  • A Day in the Life…
    Ahoy! What a week it’s been! I feel like these last couple weeks we’ve gotten to see and meet more people than we have in months! The highlight of this past few days was getting to meet up with Nomadic Trio and do a video interview with them. At first we were nervous about being … Read more
  • Advance and Hickory, NC. A little explorin’ a little adultin’
    Hello Embryadventureco family! We are back in the saddle with this blog business and I’m ready to give you some updates on our recent travels. This past week (and a bit of the one before that) brought us to Advance, North Carolina. Advance is a cute small town about an hour outside of Greensboro, NC. … Read more
  • Spooky things and Charlotte,NC 👻
    Follow EmbryAdventureCo as we take a ghost tour in Savannah GA and head to Charlotte NC to visit Concord Mills, The Fillmore and Ninety’s Ice Cream shop!
  • Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC- You so pretty.
    Hello all! This has been a busy week so I apologize for a lengthy post in advance. I’ll try to keep it interesting and useful for you. This week brought a change of scenery as we headed to Yemassee, SC and got to explore Savannah, Beaumont, and Charleston. Yemassee is a small town with not … Read more
  • Atlanta, Georgia. One can never drink too much soda.
    Ponce City Market Now I have to give Luke credit for this find (Ponce City Market) because somehow in my searching for cool things to do in Atlanta, I missed this place. We were very close to it from the restaurant and I must say, “Good job husband!” Ponce City Market is a revitalized Sears, … Read more
  • So monks use cold cream? The Grotto and Museum
    Cullman, AL We said goodbye to our cozy home in Arley, AL on Wednesday and rolled on down the road to Atlanta,GA. We made a few last minute stops along the way including the lovely Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman, AL and Barber Vintage Motorsports museum in Birmingham (discussed later by Luke). Located at the … Read more
  • “I thought you said it was a short walk.” Birmingham, Alabama
    Visit Birmingham, AL on a tight budget. This blog includes our top 3 sights to see in Birmingham, AL.
  • Back at it in Bama! (Alabama that is.)
    We rolled out from sweet old Ashdown heading towards Alabama Thousand Trails campground on January 7th,2020 (2020 isn’t that wild?). We enjoyed a long break from Gurdy and a relaxing visit with both sets of parents. I seriously can’t thank them enough for accommodating us and Bobby for a whole month ❤️ they’re just the … Read more
  • Wise words from an experienced full timer…of two months.
    “What’s been your favorite thing?” we get that question a lot as full timers, understandably. But it can be a bit difficult to answer. Because when I hear it I think of all the highs and lows, the unexpected, and craziness of it all. That’s what really makes the journey when you think back on … Read more
  • Saying Goodbye
    It has been a long week, friends. But I’ll catch you up from where I left off as of last week’s post. On Sunday, mom and dad’s last day in California, we headed to Knott’s Berry farm for a day of coasters and chicken dinners! It was so much fun, without being too much for … Read more
  • A Merry Thanksgiving in Palm Springs and Los Angeles!
    Hooray hooray! Family time has arrived! We met my parents at the Palm Springs airport Wednesday evening after much anticipation and uncertainty of them being able to make the trip at all. If you’re the praying type, please keep my family in your prayers, as some of my family members health is declining pretty quickly. … Read more
  • “It’s complicated”- Dates and their sex lives
    Happy Saturday, guys! Another week has come and gone already. This week’s excursions included a trip to the Coachella Valley Preserve. This may have reminded you of the giant expensive music festival. It is in the same area of sorts, but this Coachella is a bit more peaceful (now don’t get me wrong if you … Read more
  • Oh wow they have golf cart parking spaces! From Adelanto,CA to Palm Springs, CA
    Hello! What a week it has been. We packed up and headed to Palm Springs, CA (where we’ll be meeting my parents in just a couple weeks! Yay!) But to be honest with you, moving day is pretty much the worst every darn time. “But you’re going to a new place to see new sites!” … Read more
  • “Oh yeah, it’s all comin’ together”- Kronk
    Hello all! So this was the week we said “Goodbye!” to our dear Las Vegas. Vegas has been good to us, giving us some time to regroup and fix any existing issues with ole’ Gurdy and have some fantastic people-watching time. Thank you crazy Vegas crew! On our last day we finally made our way … Read more
  • Red Rock Canyon and The Neon Boneyard. Or some rocks and some lights, whichever you prefer.
    This week was a bit slower paced as Luke’s classes picked up on Palfish and he worked some crazy hours here on PST. Our fist sightseeing for the week was Red Rock Canyon. It’s free to visit and includes a really fun scenic drive to view it (particularly fun on the motorcycle). We stopped by … Read more
  • Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl.
    So far Vegas has proven to be quite the oasis after all we’ve encountered in our travels. We stayed with a wonderful Boondocker’s Welcome host for 5 days when we first arrived (full hookups! AH-MAZING.) They told us about some of their favorite things to see in town like the Bellagio fountain and museums in … Read more
  • Nightmare on Mountain Rd. (Ha. Kidding. Sort of…)
    It all started normally enough. “Go boondocking!” they said. “It will be fun!” they said. Well whoever told us to listen to “they” was a big ole dummy. We arrived at A-1 campground on 10/10/19 and in less than 24 hours of setting foot here it felt like I was living in a low budget … Read more
  • Up, up, and away! A weekend in Albuquerque, NM
    We began our weekend in Albuquerque,NM at noon on Saturday as we arrived at Enchanted Trails RV Park and Trading Post. This was our first RV park to stop at since we began our travels and we were pleased with it! The park offered a pool and hot tub, clubhouse with games, and tidy bathrooms. … Read more
  • The road to a 72 oz. steak…and other adventures
    Well, we launched just a few days ago! Saying goodbye to the RV park wasn’t the hardest thing we’ve ever done but they are some nice folk and we very much enjoyed our stay at Crystal Hill. I taught classes that morning, snapped some quick pictures to remember it fondly while Luke disconnected all the … Read more
  • “Yeah, two people is mad efficient”- Jake the Dog, Adventure Time
    What we do for work on the road
  • Welcome to Embry Adventure co!
    Embryadventureco.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. We have just finished up renovating and moving into our beautiful class A motor … Read more
  • So, what’s the plan?
    This post will give you a general overview of the planned beginning for our journey. Enjoy! Gurdy will hit the road October 3, 2019. At least that’s the plan. I find I’m asked a lot nowadays, “What’s the plan?”, “Where to next?”, “Do you have a map with each stop?” and as type A as … Read more