“That must be Mr.Springs himself!” Hot Springs, AR

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Long time no talk my faithful blog friends! Turns out working full-time is not as conducive to blog-writing as life on the road was. But, nonetheless, I bring you a quick weekend review of our trips to Hot Springs. AR and ideas for your own home state getaway!

Central Avenue

As we made our first trek of the trip around downtown Hot Springs, Luke points out the man above and whispers “Look, it’s Mr. Springs himself!” I immediately bust out laughing but he’s not totally wrong. This is Mr. Hill Wheatley who was also known as Mister Hot Springs.

“A man profits by his mistakes”

Hill Wheatley AKA Mister Hot Springs

Will’s Cinnamon Shop

Thanks to my good friend and co-worker, Hannah, our first breakfast stop in Hot Springs, AR was Will’s Cinnamon Shop. Let me tell you, if you haven’t been, you need to be making plans to go here! The cinnamon rolls are homemade, gooey, fluffy, giant deliciousness served to you by Will himself. There are a variety of glazes you can get slathered on top of your roll from a traditional cream glaze, maple, and orange!

A host of other yummy baked goods and fresh coffee are available too!

Hot Springs National Park

I’m not sure we’re national park buffs at this point but we are getting pretty well-versed in them. Though it’s close to home, Hot Springs National Park really does have a ton of gorgeous scenery and lookouts to boast about. It’s If you’re super into visiting national parks be sure to get your passport stamped! I’m cheap so I never bought an actual book but I do have a free app that does the same thing, ParkPassport available for free in the iPhone App Store.

We enjoyed hiking some of the shorter trails with Bobby and viewing the many hot springs of course!

“Say cheese, Bobby!”

From the Hot Springs Mountain Pagoda you can view the city and the Ouachita mountains in the distance! Also known as Mountain lookout point.

I promise you can get a better picture than me, haha, it was a bit hot and I got in a hurry.

Grateful Head Pizza

Luke and I had heard tons of good things about Grateful Head pizza but unfortunately in all our travels, we’d never made it there! We decided to change that for our weekend getaway by hitting up the Grateful Head in downtown Hot Springs, AR. Be aware you’ll need to go up a long flight of rustic stairs since the restaurant is built into a hill, but believe me, the walk is worth it! We opted to try a half pig pen (tons of pepperoni) and half tree hugger (note all the fresh veggies) pizza. For a reasonable price, pet-friendly atmosphere, and awesome drink selection, it’s certainly worth checking out on your next trip to Hot Springs (or Hochatown, OK!).

Rodeway Inn

In the evenings we rested up at the Rodeway Inn. While we are usually an Airbnb couple, this hotel worked well for us since it’s pet-friendly and very close to bathhouse row. It is an older motel but has had some remodeling done in recent years and the front desk staff could not be any more kind. The receptionist updated us on the weekend events and some of her favorite restaurants.

Car Show

My personal favorite car, who doesn’t love ladybugs?

One of the main reasons we picked Hot Springs, AR for a quick weekend getaway was the car show they were hosting that weekend. Of course Luke was a bit more excited than me, I still had a good time and it was a pet friendly event so Bobby got to join.

Luke’s Favorite car of the day

Steinhaus Keller

Pork Schnitzel, mashed potatoes, and smothered Brussel sprouts *drool*

For the fanciest dinner we’ve had in a while, we took it down to Steinhaus Keller. A most scrumptious German restaurant with a host of German beers. Steinhaus Keller is one of the most dog-friendly restaurants we’ve encountered! As we sat down at our table the waitress quickly got Bobby a bowl of water and brought us the pet snack menu (which included items like dog brew and dough-mutts) along with the people food menu. It was the cutest. I highly recommend the German potato salad and pork schnitzel. Luke and I agreed it tops the list of our favorite German restaurants we’ve tried.

The flight included everything from a Hershey Chocolate Stout to Pickle juice sour beer (worth the try!)

Garvan Woodland Gardens

Have you paid a trip to Garvan Woodland Gardens? It’s one of Arkansas’ most popular outdoor attractions, wedding venue, and hosts some of the most beautiful Christmas lights. While it was a bit too hot and early for Christmas lights, the gardens are always blooming with something. As we entered the park we snagged a scavenger hunt booklet (doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 27, a scavenger hunt is a good time!) and took note of the “What’s in bloom” display in the main lobby.

“What’s in Bloom” display highlighting all the vibrant summer blooms around the gardens
If you’ve been, you’ll know Garvan Gardens is home to many peacocks that freely roam the gardens during the day. We were greeted by this guy just minutes after beginning our stroll.
The pink blooms immediately reminded me of Truffala Trees from Dr. Suess’s “The Lorax”, do you see a resemblance?
Luke acted as navigator for the excursion (as he always does, let’s be honest) and we only got semi-lost once!
But huzzah! We made it to the lookout without much mishap.


-Wicked Witch of the West
I forced a couple selfies out of Luke over the weekend 😉

Frosty Treat

Frosty Treat also just so happens to be within walking distance from the good old Rodeway Inn, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice to not pop by and snag a coke float (or any treat of your choosing).

Mountain Valley Water Museum

Okay, I know it’s just water, but listen this is one of Luke and I’s favorite stops on a trip to Hot Springs. The historic building is host to a free (and very informative) Mountain Valley Water museum on the second floor and free samples on the first floor. They have a great selection of sparkling waters and it is better than all the other waters. You can fight me on this if you like, it’s just darn good water and that’s all there is to it.

You’re going to get hot with all your strolling around outside anyway so why not trust me and snag some high quality h2O? Our favorite is the blackberry pomegranate.
They can also be used as binoculars! Just kidding no they can’t. Also they’re glass bottles so BE CAREFUL.

And that is the conclusion to a lovely weekend getaway in Hot Springs, AR. I hope you practice self care this weekend whether it be in the form of a weekend getaway or a simple staycation with all your favorite things. It’s been a long week friends, let’s keep going and see what’s adventure we’ll find next.

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  1. Yvonne Bond says:

    So happy to receive a post from you guys. I love Hot Springs! Learned something new from your post and will try out those eateries real soon. Keep those travel spot ideas coming! Hugs!

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      Thank you! And we sure love it too, so much history and beautiful views. Let us know how you like the restaurants! Hugs to you ❤️

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