“The First and Last State!” Delaware

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Happy Saturday Friends! I’ll just jump right into things today for you! Running out of time and above freezing temperatures, we made our way to our final state, Delaware! Which just so happens to be the first state of the good ole’ USA. It honestly felt surreal as we began to uncover this last state on our scratch off map. We have now visited the 48 continental states! Wow. Did it all go as planned? Certainly not, if you’ve followed along on our journey you’re well aware of that. Did we get to do everything in every state? Nope. Did we have the time of our lives and make countless memories? Absolutely.

Nemours Estate

We didn’t have a whole lot planned in Delaware and the state park we’d hoped to stay at was full, so this landed us at an RV park in New Castle, DE. It wasn’t the best park we’ve ever stayed at but it certainly wasn’t the worst. The staff was kind and it was a short drive from Nemours Estate (MASSIVE mansion and garden) in Wilmington, DE.

Nemours mansion was created by Alfred I. du Pont in 1909–1910 as a gift for his second wife, Alicia. It was named for the north-central French town of Nemours, which was affiliated with his great-great-grandfather, Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours. The estate has one of the most developed and largest french style gardens in North America.

Of course the grounds were immaculate, unfortunately the mansion was closed to the public for now but we could still peek in the windows. The Du Pont family later donated a large portion of their land and fortune to create an amazing children’s hospital. If you visit the grounds you’ll pass by the hospital on your way in!

Can anyone tell me what kind of flower this is? It looks like something from outer space!
Every portion of the gardens was so well thought out and artfully arranged.
Though they maintain 2 of the greenhouses to this day, the large center greenhouse was too inefficient (energy-wise) and difficult to keep up, it now stands in the center as a reminder of years past.
You’ll see the children’s hospital in the background
The mansion, 105 rooms and five floors
The view from the front door of the mansion, wowza.

The Long Road Home

After we wrapped up our travels in Delaware we headed for Kentucky and Indiana to visit Luke’s extended family. This involved taking the longer route down through Virginia and Tennessee because the quicker route through West Virginia involved too many mountain passes (tip to fellow RV’ers: Always look at your route ahead of time for high altitude roads, low bridges, and any other things that might be difficult to travel through in a big RV, we typically use Google maps).

How cool is the paint job on this camper at our campground in Virigina?
The lone bouncy animal was all the remained of what once was a playground by the river.

Blue Ridge Parkway

We stretched the trip out over several days, no reason to rush once the threat of freezing temps is was gone! We found a Passport America campground and parked Gurdy in Virginia a few days to enjoy a motorcycle ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Buena Vista Overlook

We took a short little hike while at the Blue Ridge Parkway, I even got brave and climbed up a large boulder by the river with Luke, then we happened upon a very long king snake and decided that was enough adventure for the day.

Large rock, home to a very large snake.
Sporting our spooky season shirts Luke’s mom made us!
Not the climbing rock, it just seemed to pretty a rock to miss the picture opportunity.
Lots of folk fishing and enjoying the nice weather!
We stood and enjoyed the waterfall for quite awhile, so tranquil!
Luke said this picture could be a desktop background (ha! I can’t say he’s wrong!)

Family Time

We finally made it to Owensboro, Kentucky! We stayed in the small town of Henderson where Luke was born and got to visit his paternal grandma (Lovingly known as Grammar) at her assisted living facility. Though we visited outside to maintain social distance we were so glad to spend the time together. Luke’s mom’s side of the family resides in Indiana, which wasn’t too far away so we also got to enjoy a couple days (and meals! Thank you family!) with them.

Pictured above; Luke’s cousin, Kylee. Aunt Robin, Kelsey (me), Luke, Nancy (grandmother), and Larry (grandfather)
Luke’s sweet Aunt Karen got us some delicious treats from the local shop “Donut Bank” SO GOOD.

Now what?

It has truly been one of the best and most memorable years of our lives. We are so glad to have taken the plunge and lived our dream. I can’t believe we’ve finished all 48 states (yes we will visit Hawaii and Alaska before too long! Just not in Gurdy). This is not the end of EmbryAdventureCo and in the coming weeks I plan to do some posts regarding our budget and how we made this all work! I am so thankful to have had you, dear reader, join us on this trip of a life time.

Much love,

Kelsey and Luke

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  1. Sherlylynn Pierce says:

    Thank you for allowing us to go along on your travels. It was amazing. You will love Hawaii but go to one of the other islands than Oahu. Oahu is so touristy.

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      So glad you enjoyed following along! And we’ll def remember that when we head to Hawaii

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