“Raise the bridge!”-Mystic, CT and Providence, RI

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Aloha friends! No, we are not in Hawaii as my greeting might make you think. We knocked out two more states this past week visiting Connecticut and Rhode Island. We were lucky to snag another good deal in East Killingly, CT using our Good Sam membership. I don’t talk about this membership just a whole lot because we really haven’t had it as long as some of our other RV memberships.

Good Sam Membership

I’d recommend a Good Sam membership to any type of camper, full-time or weekend warrior! You’re not going to have the savings of Thousand Trails but 10-15% off at thousands of campgrounds adds up and the membership is like $30, it paid for itself our first time using it for a week long stay.

Stateline Campground– East Killingly, CT

We stayed at Stateline Campground in East Killingly, CT. This place had THE BEST rates around (let me tell ya, camping up north is not cheap!) and the staff was so friendly and helpful. This was our first campground that offered water, electric, and a gray water galley. We’d never heard of the later so after searching around the camp spot for a bit and struggling to find the hook up for the “gray water” galley I decided I’d just call and ask!

A staff member quickly came down to help us, the opening in the ground had been covered by some leaves. But the galley is as it sounds, you hook up a water house (not a sewer hose) and place the end into the opening in the ground. You can drain all the gray water you need from your spot but will need to go to the dump to deal with the black tank. This worked just fine for us because most of our water usage goes to the gray tank anyways (showers, doing the dishes, washing hands, etc.)!

Mystic, CT

After getting comfy cozy in our campsite and resting up for a bit we made our way down to Mystic, CT. We struggled to decide what town to visit in this state but landed on this charming place. With a giant drawbridge, lots of quaint shops, and the infamous “Mystic Pizza” (yes the one that starred in the Julia Roberts movie) we didn’t want to miss this place.

First we walked along the water’s edge at Mystic River Park and watched a sail boat come through. It was so neat to watch them raise the bridge to let it through and slowly come back down.

Here she comes! Ding ding ding (that’s the drawbridge bell sound.)
Going up!

Mystic Knotwork

While waiting for the bridge to come back down (it really didn’t take long at all) we headed to the knot shop, Mystic Knotwork. They had tons of handmade items including knot boutonnieres (which I thought would’ve been super cute back during prom days). You could watch the ladies making stuff in the back and of course we made a ton of corny jokes in regards to knots. “I cannot not go to the knot shop”.

A ritzy men’s shop with tons of neat wood board games and unique gifts.

Mystic Art Museum

We noticed the Mystic Art Museum nearby and decided to check it out (I glanced online and noticed it was free admission) we’re not big art buffs or anything but we haven’t been to an art museum in a long long time (if ever?) so we decided, what the heck! Let’s get artsy in Mystic, CT.

The museum had a really wonderful collection of local artists and we had the place to ourselves!

My favorite piece was the watercolor picture (below) of the Church of St. Patrick, which we later drove by on the motorcycle. Seeing the building in person I was even more impressed by what this artist created, it’s seriously perfect in detail.

Mystic Pizza

Next, we were ready for some grub and to see if Mystic Pizza could live up to all the hype.

Let’s goooooo.
“C’mon Luke!”

Mystic Pizza is exactly as it was when they made the film back in the 80’s and they place the movie pretty much all the time on the TV. We went with the daily special, Cheeseburger Pizza with a side of bleu cheese for dipping.

It was delish! I was worried it might have just been popularized by the movie but this place really does make a darn good pizza! The staff give the place a family feel and are very attentive and friendly. We’d both recommend Mystic Pizza if you make your way to Mystic, CT.

Mystic Seaport

We stopped in a few more shops and the headed to Mystic Seaport Museum.

One more waterfront view pic since the sunshine had come out!

While we did not actually visit the interior of the Mystic Seaport Museum (it was a little out of our budget at $30+ a person) we did get to enjoy some of the exterior exhibits and historical homes.

Old boat factory next door to Mysit

Historic Homes in Mystic, CT

We saw the beautifully restored homes of three brothers who were around in Mystic’s early days. The three brothers, George, Clark, and Thomas Greenman, founded the George Greenman & Co. Shipyard in Mystic (now the location of Mystic Seaport). Each erected a house along Greenmanville Avenue, the last being the home of Thomas S. Greenman. 

Tugboat Kingston II

Olde Mistick Village

We wrapped up our day in Mystic, CT at Olde Mistick Village, a college of unique shops including the delicious honey shop “Sticky Situations” pictured below. They had more honey varieties than I’d ever seen! Lavender honey, avocado honey, elderberry honey, and tons more!

Sticky Situations at Olde Mistick Village
Luke sampling the first of many honeys.

Providence, Rhode Island

Italian Grocery Store

The next day’s outing brought us to Providence, RI! With states being so small up here it is fairly easy to hope from one to another within an hour or so. Did you know Providence was one of the most prominent towns for the mob back in the day? Me neither! There are a ton of Italian restaurants and grocery stores that have been in business for forever. So of course we had to stop in and check out the fresh made pasta, breaded and fried veal, and cheeses.

Noodles for dayzzzz.

Providence, RI is also home to quite a few beautiful murals, be sure to keep your eyes open when exploring downtown and you’ll notice a lot!

DePasquale Square

Unfortunately we didn’t come to Providence super hungry but that didn’t stop us from getting a glimpse of DePasquale square. Tons of outdoor dining, beautiful twinkle lights everywhere, and a big ol fountain! You’ll notice pinecones sculptures around town, they’re often mistaken for pineapples. The pinecones (La pigna in Italian) represent hospitality and a friendly welcome to visitors.

Pinecone atop the fountain
Pinecone seen as you enter the historic district.
More beautiful murals!

Next up, we made a stop by the first Baptist church in America! Who knew we’d find it here in Providence? The church was gathered by Roger Williams way back in 1638, though this building was erected in 1774-75.

Look right across the street and you’ll find the Fleur De Lis building in all its colorful glory! It’s a historic art studio opened in 1885. Horror writer H. P. Lovecraft made the Fleur-de-Lys building the residence of his character Henry Anthony Wilcox, a young artist and sculptor, in his famous tale “The Call of Cthulhu.” Gonna be honest we have not read this tale but I thought it was a neat piece of history.

It was then time for a little afternoon pick-me-up snack. We went with intentions of trying Blue State coffee, but then, well Insomnia cookies happened upon us and we couldn’t help ourselves. We tried their warm chocolate chip cookie, galaxy cookie, and cookie dough ice cream. SO YUMMY. Insomnia cookies is not exclusive to Rhode Island, so should you happen upon one I’d highly recommend stopping for at least one cookie!

Conimicut Point Beach and Lighthouse

Though this stop was actually a bit outside of Providence in Warwick, RI it was well worth the bit of a drive. We saw lobster traps set out, and a man fishing for what I’m assuming to be oysters or clams? I just thought it was cool because it’s something we never see back in Arkansas! In the distance, you can see Spark Plug lighthouse built way back in 1883.

The tide was pretty low so we were able to walk way out on the sandbar and take in the view!

That wraps up our time in Connecticut and Rhode Island. I’m a little sad we’re moving faster these days to avoid the quickly approaching cold but so glad we got to experience some of what these beautiful states have to offer. Have a great week, friends! If you missed last week’s post, here it is.

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  1. Yvonne Bond says:

    Love these beautiful pics! I’ve not been to these places and only drove through them very very fast on a fall foliage tour bus on the way somewhere else! I must return because these northern states are really neat! Keep on taking pics and enjoying your life! ❤️

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      There is so much to see up north I really didn’t know what we were missing until we visited. Thank you for reading and we will keep it up 🙂

  2. […] That’s all for this week friends, I’m so happy to have you reading along and travel with us. We are almost done with the 48 continental states! It is a surreal feeling to say the least. If you missed last week’s post, check it out here! […]

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