The Hunt for Cheeses. -New Hampshire and Vermont

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Greetings from New Hampshire (and Vermont, we’re very near the state line)! As the title states, we’ve been on the hunt for delectable cheeses and other local New England Grub. Our first stop was not for cheese but for apple cider donuts at Carter Hill Orchard. I would apologize for the explosion of pictures in this blog post but these states were just too beautiful to not take ALL THE PICS.

Carter Hill Orchard

We were able to get some fresh hot apple cider donuts, apple cider to take home, and a slice of apple pie (hey, live it up while ya can some days). The orchard was packed full of fall vibes and smells. We purchased a bag for pick-your-own apples (so worth $6!). Though Luke had been apple picking as a kid, I’d never gotten to experience this joy so off we went!

Signature Luke.
Interior of the shop
Cider, apple pie, and apple cider donuts, mm mmmm.
We watched workers package apples to ship out all over the country, they had so many varieties!
How perfectly fall is this?
We made sure to get a couple of each variety, especially those we’d never heard of.
Yes, you’re allowed to sample a bit as you pick!

We would HIGHLY recommend a stop at Carter Hill orchard. There are a ton of orchards to choose from but we sure enjoyed this particular one.

Quechee Gorge Village

Our first stop in Vermont was Quechee Gorge Village, the town of Quechee is very close to Woodstock Vermont. It is home to Living the Dream Alpaca farm and Cabot Station (both housed at Quechee Gorge Village). First we absolutely had to feed the alpacas because how could you not? They’re adorable and now I want to start an alpaca rescue when we get back to Arkansas. For a mere quarter, you can let these adorable creatures nibble snacks gingerly from your palm. I mean honestly, what better way to use your quarter?

Are they not the cutest? They have fabulous lashes.
Then their hair makes this beautiful stuff!

After sanitizing our hands (lol we did just feed alpacas), we made our way down the sidewalk to Cabot Station. Where they ALL the Cabot cheese and some other local cheeses. We decided we were ready for a snack so we sprang for extra sharp cheddar with crackers.

Nom Nom.

Wander a little further down the sidewalk and your in the antique mall! Now usually I’m not one to recommend antique malls because more often than not they seem like a bunch of leftover junk from a failed garage sale. However this antique mall had FOR REAL antiques (like you know not stuff from 1985), like snowshoes from the early 1900’s and vintage kitchen gadgets. We really enjoyed browsing.

Plymouth, Vermont

Plymouth VT Plymouth Artisan Cheese

Next up, our mishap of the day. We went ahead and drove through Woodstock to make our way to Plymouth Artisan Cheese. It was only about 30 minutes out of the way and did include a lovely scenic drive, however, Plymouth Cheese is only offering window service at the time :(. We didn’t want to eat cheese in a gravel parking lot and had hoped to tour their cheese museum. But, so goes life, the town of Plymouth is extremely small (like I’m not really sure it’s even a town) but it is home to the Calvin Coolidge Homestead. You can get a guided tour for a small fee, but truthfully we aren’t that into Calvin Coolidge so we settled for exploring the property on our own and reading the plaques.

Plymouth VT
Calvin Coolidge Home
Plymouth VT
Gorgeous view of the trees from here!
Plymouth VT
The workshop
Plymouth VT
Old Church just across the street

Sugarbush Farm

So we shrugged our shoulders and headed back to Woodstock to continue our search for cheese. We planned to visit Billings Farm and tour the grounds, wouldn’t you know they were closed the one day we decided to visit. Okay, monitor and adjust again, off to Sugarbush Farm we went! I’ve learned at this point in the game it’s always good to have way too many options of places to go during your day than not enough. It’s easy to nix stuff as you get tired, not as easy to plan out your day once your in the place and wanting to go do stuff.

Sugarbush Farm Woodstock VT
Waxing the cheeses!

Sugarbush Farm was all that we’d hoped for and more! We weren’t expecting to get to sample cheeses due to COVID but Sugarbush went the extra mile to take all the necessary precautions (masks, face shields, and providing toothpicks for each sample so no hands touching anything) so we were able to sample basically all their products! So yummy. My favorite was “sage cheese”. The fresh herbs really made for a unique flavor.

Sugarbush Farm Woodstock VT

Not only was the staff kind enough to take the time to let us sample all the cheese, they then offered to let us sample their maple syrup! Um yes please! The colors of the syrup darken as the maple syrup season progresses and the flavor changes too. Seriously make sure to make the drive down the long dirt road for Sugarbush Farm, they are the nicest folk around.

Sugarbush Farm Woodstock VT

We then were able to tour the syrup processing barn. We learned a lot including how the majority of our pancake syrups are just corn syrup (Yikes, even the ones I thought were better since they cost more were indeed not better)

Sugarbush Farm Woodstock VT
Syrup processing barn
Sugarbush Farm Woodstock VT
All the fake maple syrups out there and a little education about what’s actually in them.
Sugarbush Farm Woodstock VT
The hardworking cows of Sugarbush Farm
Sugarbush Farm Woodstock VT
So, I assume most of us envision an old fashioned tap when we think of getting syrup from a tree (at least I did). It’s the kind that a metal spout and goes into a covered metal bucket attached to the tree (see above). Well, times have changed and now most trees are tapped with a spout that connects to a long plastic hose (pictured above) running to a much larger barrel. This makes the syrup collecting process more streamlined.
Sugarbush Farm Woodstock VT
Tapped trees with lines running to large barrels.

That concluded our hunt for the delicious cheese of Vermont, and I must say we were worn out.

Henniker, NH

Henniker Bridge
Back in Henniker where we were stationed we decided to find some more covered bridges and take a walk. Pictured above is the Henniker Bridge located at New England College
Views from the bridge
Rowell Covered Bridge
We also passed Rowell Covered Bridge on our journey into Henniker (pictured above)

Mile-Away Campground

Mile-Away Campground Henniker NH

Our Passport America membership saved the day again with Mile-Away Campground. We were able to snag a spot for half price and enjoy a waterside view with full hook-ups!

Mile-Away Campground Henniker NH

Woodstock, Vermont

Woodstock VT

Oh! Back to our day on the hunt for cheese, before we made our way out to Sugarbush farm we explored downtown Woodstock, Vermont. With cute shops like “Unicorn” what’s not to love? They had a farmer’s market going on in the town square that we were also able to check out.

Woodstock VT
Woodstock VT
Gillingham’s General store since 1886
Woodstock VT
Don’t miss the change to snap a picture of Middle Bridge in Woodstock. It’s a pretty popular photo spot.
Woodstock VT
Aren’t the leaves beautiful? Honestly I’ve felt like it’s my first time experiencing a “true Fall” haha, I love you Arkansas but you aren’t well-known for having all four seasons.
Woodstock VT
“Just act natural Luke I want a pic of you walking.”

That wraps up our time in New Hampshire and Vermont, of course we weren’t able to experience all the things these beautiful states have to offer due to time constraints so we definitely hope to come back in the future and do more! These have been some of our favorite adventures yet. As always, thanks for tagging along with, EmbryAdventureCo! If you missed our post last week, be sure to check it out!

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  1. Yvonne Bond says:

    I’m all caught up now on perusing your posts! I had gotten way behind! Love love love Vermont! I’ve been to the Cabot cheese place. Aren’t the covered bridges pretty and the trees are more than gorgeous! The quaint buildings and cultural differences make for a beautiful experience! These states are on my return list for sure! Press on! ❤️

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      Vermont was so beautiful for sure, I hope we get to go back. Did you see the alpacas beside Cabot cheese? We’re loving all the covered bridges too! There are so many! Enjoy some apple cider donuts when you head back ;)!

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