3,160 tons of water a second. Niagara Falls, NY

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The grape vines that were my view from the passenger window for quite awhile as we made our way through New York.

Another week has come and gone and we can officially say that we’ve visited Niagara Falls, USA! We could not make it to the Canadian side due to COVID but that gives an excuse to come back ;). We stayed at Cinderella Campground. A mere 20 minutes from the falls! Since our beloved Thousand Trails membership will expire at the beginning of October we sprang for one more money-saving membership. May I introduce to you, Passport America! The savings it provided us on our stay at Cinderella campground had paid for more than half of the membership already and we knew we’d be able to utilize it at least a couple more times before we complete our journey.

Downtown Niagara Falls, NY

St. Mary of the Cataract

We found free parking downtown that evening to do some exploring and catch the light show at the falls (pro-tip, there’s free parking at the casino just a couple of blocks from the park).

Downtown Murals “Let’s Fall in Love”. Downtown had such a cozy old-town feeling.

The Falls at Night

After a short walk we made it to the beautiful Niagara Falls! We were first greeted by rapids and the bridge that leads to Goat Island, which is a great place to get a good walk in while visiting the falls.

Niagara Falls 2020
As the sun goes down you get to see the falls change color!
Woo! I love lights. You can visit the official website to see what color the falls will be the evening you visit.

Niagara Falls State Park

We came back bright and early the next day to experience the falls in daylight and enjoy a Maid of the Mist boat ride! Maid of the Mist is the American boat ride while the Hornblower is the Canadian boat ride, both are awesome (at least so the reviews say 😉 We splurged for this once in a lifetime opportunity, the boat ride is about $22 a person but they do provide you with a beautiful blue poncho that I’m sure you could wear on many other occasions (wink wink).

The falls from afar
This building is the abandoned Ontario Power Company’s generating station built in 1905.The building on the very top of the bank was the company’s distribution station. The station ceased operations in 1999 and is now owned by The Niagara Parks Commission.
Maid of the Mist! We were so pumped.
We were not ready for the mist.
Quickly approaching mist and falls, but wow it was an amazing view.
After Luke’s shoes were soaked and my hair pretty damp, we secured our poncho hoods a bit better. Now we were ready.

Tips for riding Maid of the Mist; secure your poncho hood sooner rather than later (haha), wear waterproof shoes if possible or stand towards the front of the boat (I lucked out and had on hiking boots), put your phone into a waterproof case so you can snap as many photos as you want.

“Quick Luke! Get my picture I look like Violet when she turns into a blueberry! (Charlie and the chocolate factory)”
Not inflated poncho Kelsey
A close view of the old power plant
Observation tower that we were able to look out of before our boat ride.
Rainbow bridge to Canada
More family pics of course
This is the Cave of the Winds path, while you do get a very very close view of the falls we did not want to get quite that wet so we skipped this excursion.
There goes the boat!

The Perfect Ending

As we made our way out of the falls and back into the park we saw so many chipmunks, squirrels and seagulls. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. The leaves are starting to change, it’s getting cool and I am here for Fall. Bring it on! Next up, New Hampshire and Vermont! We do plan to spend more time in New York and will make another stop on our way back down. Hope you wonderful readers have a great week, thanks for taking the time to read about our adventures!

Last week’s post here if ya missed it!

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  1. Dena House says:

    I sure do enjoy the travels in the USA with you and Luke.

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      💕thank you so much!

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