“This is great! I love carbs.”–Idaho and Grand Teton National Park

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This past week brought us to the lovely town of Blackfoot, Idaho! Now to be truthful I never really dreamed of going to Idaho but I’ll have to say, it’s quite a lovely place with a lot more beautiful scenery than I’d ever imagined! We camped out at Blackfoot RV park which was luckily right next door to the lake and dog park! Bobby had a great time ignoring the other dogs.

Idaho Potato Museum

First up on our Idaho escapades list was a trip to the Potato Museum, because you know what they say, “When in Idaho consume all the carb knowledge you possibly can!”. Just kidding, they don’t say that. I say that.

Fun fact of the day, potato flowers produce cute little fruits that look like green tomatoes. EVIL FAUX GREEN TOMATOES THAT WILL POISON YOU. So, don’t eat the beautiful potato fruit, okay?

The lovely Marilyn Monroe in her potato sack dress. Marilyn posed in a potato sack dress after being called “cheap and vulgar” by a journalist. She said she’d look better in a potato sack, so Marilyn proved her right and made the potato sack dress sexy as heck.
Alright so I’m going to spare you the weird talking virtual potatoes from the basement of the museum. They told you neat stuff about potato farming but overall just a really weird concept. Luke and I both were a little creeped out by it.

Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls, ID was a short drive up the road from Blackfoot, ID and host to a beautiful river walk and Japanese garden. We took the motorcycle up to visit and enjoyed a cool afternoon walk. An older gentleman stopped to talk to us about his old Triumph motorcycle, which is always fun. I like the friendliness within the motorcycle community.

The falls in Idaho Falls are man-made and provide the city with much of it’s energy!
Japanese Garden at Idaho Falls river walk

Craters of the Moon National Park

Crater of the Moon national park was a bit out of the way from Blackfoot, ID. Probably a bit over an hour drive, but I’ll have to say it’s a very unique national park! There’s a ton of trails to hike and wildlife on the grounds. The odd rocks around the park are unfortunately not “moon chunks” but instead remnants from many volcanic explosions. You will also find petrified trees around the park!

Arco, ID

Idaho Arco

On the drive back from Crater of the Moon I convinced Luke we should stop for pictures in the town of Arco, because how neat is that!? It was the first city in the world to be lighted by atomic power.

Idaho Arco
The Devil Boat

The so-called Devil Boat (otherwise called the “Submarine in the Desert”) is actually the preserved sail of the submarine USS Hawkbill. The number 666 displayed on the sail was actually her hull number, and has no connection to the occult (officially).

After being decommissioned in 2000, the monument was placed in the roadside Idaho Science Center to honor Arco’s long association with the Navy and the nuclear fleet in particular.

Grand Tetons National Park

We were a bit sad to leave Blackfoot, ID just because of the cozy small town feel it had given us, but we had to be on our way to the Grand Tetons! We stayed outside of the park due to poor cell signal. That’s one of the unfortunate realities of working on the road. Probably our number one priority in where we choose to stay is having good cell signal. It is really frowned upon to have to cancel classes with our jobs so we make sure to do our best not to. But no worries, our boondocking spot (brought to us through the Campendium app) provided a perfect view and good cell signal! I’ll show you pictures a bit later. Now for some beautiful pictures from Grand Tetons National Park! You’ll notice the tetons themselves are pretty hard to see, well that’s because it was rainy and foggy while we visited but I’d still say it was some pretty good scenery.

Idaho Grand Tetons
These trees remind me of the ones Bob Ross always paints in his landscapes. String Lake.
Idaho Grand Tetons
Idaho Grand Tetons
Jenny Lake, you can take a boat ride but we opted not to since it was raining and chilly.
Idaho Grand Tetons Jackson Dam
Jackson Dam
Idaho Grand Tetons
Notorious Mormon Row photo, however, no tetons in the background for us due to heavy fog.
Idaho Grand Tetons
Ye olde outhouse.
Idaho Grand Tetons
Idaho Grand Tetons

Boondocking in Tetonia, ID

Now then, here is our FREE camping spot for visiting Grand Teton National Park. It was a bit outside of the town of Tetonia, ID but nothing too bad as far as driving Gurdy down backroads. We had several neighbors come and go over the few days we stayed and some left us firewood! Remember, boondocking does not provide water, electric, or sewer hook-ups. You have to be self-contained and prepared. We filled our fresh water tanks, emptied our grey and black tanks, and cranked up the generator as needed for power and air conditioning. This was probably our best boondocking experience yet!

Idaho Grand Tetons
Idaho Grand Tetons
Of course we had to support some local business so we toured Grand Teton Distillery just up the road. What did I buy? Maybe their homemade maple syrup…maybe not. You’ll never know.

Museum of Clean

Okay so the Museum of Clean was actually back in Pocatello, ID (near Blackfoot, ID). Sorry I got a bit out of order with my pictures so you’ll have to bear with me. The museum of clean is a GIANT renovated warehouse featured vacuums from the ages, washing machines, dusters, toilets. Really any appliance and cleaning product you want to find, you can probably find it there. Don Aslett is the founder of the museum of clean. You may have read one of his books or bought his cleaning products. He used to be on QVC pretty often, we have his doormats (and by “we” I mean my mom, haha). He gives tours pretty often and we lucked out getting to meet him in person!

The museum had tons of sarcastic and funny signs to accompany their collection.
Don Aslett himself! Now, let me say I did plan to social distance, I asked to take a picture of him and he said he wanted a picture with a pretty girl. So, sorry guys I did cave and take a picture with Don Aslett.
Adorable Luke
1970’s Hoover Vacuums. Aren’t they cute?
Washing machines throughout the decades
Race cars made from cleaning supplies!

And that wraps up our time in Blackfoot, ID and Grand Teton National Park! It was a grand ole time, so if you’re planning a roadtrip, don’t write off Idaho! You never know what you might find.

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