“Babe, could you…” RV Carpet redo, fridge repair and motorcycle overhaul

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Hi guys, sorry I’ve skipped posting for a couple weeks but I’m back this week! While stationed in our small hometown in Arkansas we’ve finally had time to tackle some bigger projects on Gurdy and the motorcycle (Trudy the Triumph).

The beautiful new carpet that went into Gurdy.

Gurdy’s Carpet Makeover

You know how they say experience is the best teacher? Well turns out RV renovation is no exception. While I love most everything we did to our RV I did not love the automotive carpet we used up front.

The nasty old carpet that had to come out.

Now really if I could go back to before we re-did the floors I’d run a clean cut at the carpet behind the passenger seats and leave the old carpet up front as is. Maybe a good cleaning but that’s it. HOWEVER, as we laid the vinyl planking in our first renovation projects I got super excited at how great it was looking and was like “LET’S PUT IT EVERYWHERE HOW FUN” the thing is, you can’t bend vinyl planks around and the contours of the steering wheel shaft in the floor…or all the other unleveled surface up there.

Enter, automotive carpet

So after a quick regroup we went with automotive carpet. It was cost effective, we were ready to get on the road and it was super flexible to bend over the weirdly shaped surfaces. However, this stuff did not weather well. Imagine how felt starts to ball up and get thin over time. That’s was my carpet. Now add dog hair and other full time living realities and you get the picture (shown above).

Shaping stiff carpet to fit these funky spaces is not easy. Let me tell ya.

This time around we decided to go with carpet sold on the roll at Lowe’s. Still a pretty cost effective option but not as flexible as our first carpet. We knew we’d need to plan some strategic cuts to get full coverage over the oddly shaped surfaces up front.

We used our old carpet as a general template but made sure to leave several extra inches for mistakes and possible stretching of the old stuff. Unfortunately we had to unbolt the front seats (again…) which is a bit of a hassle. Luke gets under the RV, I hold the bolt from the inside and we yell at each other through the space where the engine sits. Fun stuff.

But once we got that knocked out we could begin to lay the new carpet. We used a carpet knife to make precise cuts (a bit more angled than a regular box cutter) and stapled away to keep everything secure. We used gorilla glue to secure spots around the steering and engine hump in the middle (made of metal and fiberglass so staples aren’t an option on these surfaces) I ran a line of hot glue on some edges to secure any loose carpet threads.

Ta-da! The finished product. Now to bolt the seats back in.
Ah seats back in and we’re good to go.

Overall I’m very pleased with how it turned out! I think it’ll be much sturdier.

Excuse the mess, I didn’t feel like cleaning up after all the carpet laying we’d just done.

Trudy the Triumph makeover

The next project to tackle was all Luke. Trudy the Triumph needed a major overhaul on brakes, front and rear. He also had to go through the engine and fix some problems with the carburetors and fuel system that were causing it to run very poorly. Whew. It was no small feat but Trudy is now rocking and rolling as the best version of herself.

First, ya gotta take the motorcycle’s clothes off.
Let the work begin!
All these tiny pieces needed a good scrubbing to get off dirt and grime so things could run smoothly.
Oh, and all these too.
Ah, now Trudy is feeling much more like herself.

Lastly, a fridge makeover

To finish off the list of major repairs we are now replacing the cooling unit of our RV fridge. In the word of RV fridges this is the biggest and most expensive repair unfortunately. I can’t be too upset because cooling units typically last about 10 years. This one lasted 27 (of course we didn’t have Gurdy all those year but still impressive). It’s not a cheap fix but it is cheaper than a whole new fridge. We are thankful for helpful neighbors and kind family that lets us camp out in their yard (or house) while doing all these projects. If you’re having troubles with your RV fridge some quick checkS you can first make are testing your thermistor and looking for gas leaks (will appear like green stain) on the backside of the fridge.

We are hoping to be back on the road again soon as most states are beginning to reopen (masks and social distancing measures in place of course). That’s all for now, friends! Have a cheerful week💜

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Wow, y’all have been working hard! Those were big but necessary projects! I was hoping you’d be able to get back on the road again soon! Take care and keep posting! 🌺

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      We have! Thank you Mrs. Bond, your comments always make my day. I’ll do my best to get back to posting regularly very soon!💕

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  3. Don Embry says:

    We LOVED having you all at home with us…and we already miss you so much!! Have a great summer RV’n and we’ll look forward to August!

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      Aw we miss y’all 💕 and as much fun as we’re having we can’t wait to be able to see y’all more often again

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