Figuring it out- Ashdown, AR

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Hey guys! Kelsey here. This past week we made it back to our hometown of Ashdown, AR. We’ll be hunkering down here for awhile until things start to go back to normal. We’ve been slowly shifting into a new routine of life back home and attempting to find productive ways to occupy ourselves while social distancing.

Bonding Time

We continue to rise early to teach our classes, which I feel both thankful and tired about at the same time. Haha, but honestly I’m glad it gives me a reason to go ahead and wake up, and get the day going. Whatever that may be. I got to help my dad deliver meals to school kids a couple days this week on his bus route. It’s been awhile since we rode together! My dad has been a bus driver my whole life and I rode his route with him through sixth grade❤️. Wed’d start at the bus barn, pick up all the kids, drop them off at all the schools (including me), and reverse order in the afternoon. I guess I’ve always gotten the joy of being an early riser!

So anyway!

If you’re like me you may find yourself a bit out of whack in this season of our lives. Unsure how to prioritize your time, what to even prioritize your time with, and maybe lacking motivation for any of it. I wanted to try and offer a couple resources this week for just that.

Managing Time and Productivity

If your struggling to prioritize, here’s a little worksheet I’ve found helpful for the days that I’m not sure how to start. You can print for free or just screenshot and write on it.

Needing Work

Maybe you’ve found yourself unemployed or you’re just looking to pick up a side hustle because you have a lot of free time. Here’s a resource for that; click here.

Being Social

Maybe you’re feeling lonely. I get it, me too (no offense, Luke). We enjoy the Houseparty app where you can video chat with several friends at once and play card games. You might also try a new podcast, I know it’s not the same as talking to friends, but I find it can feel like hanging out with someone and hey you usually learn something! Here are some of our favorite podcasts 1)The Robcast 2)The minimalists 3)Lore 4)Thesmokingtire (Luke’s pick)

Be safe, be well, and have a meaningful week friends 💜

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  1. Yvonne Bond says:

    Glad you have made it home. Now what? That’s a great question. I’m sure this virus will fade quickly as soon as the temp stays up for a bit. I don’t know what our new normal will look like, but I believe our lives will be somehow forever changed. We’ll have to wait and see. Take care, be safe, and keep blogging!

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      I think you are right! Hopefully we’ll take something good away from all this 🙂

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