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Flat coated retriever. Hiking, Walking. Full Time RV life
Daily walks with Bobby

Ahoy! What a week it’s been! I feel like these last couple weeks we’ve gotten to see and meet more people than we have in months! The highlight of this past few days was getting to meet up with Nomadic Trio and do a video interview with them. At first we were nervous about being filmed but I’m so glad we did, it was really a good time.

There are more of you?

Nomadic Trio Vloggers. Full Time RV life
The wonderful, NomadicTrio!

There are thousands maybe even millions of people living in RV’s now but I’m so glad NomadicTrio is who we got to meet up with first. NomadicTrio is another full time family, consisting of husband-Kenny, wife-Heather and their precious squishy baby, Alyas. Before filming our interview we got to enjoy lunch together and share stories. It was so nice to meet people who understand some of the struggles of full timing and the memories that are made.


For now NomadicTrio is stationary in North Carolina but it won’t be long before they hit the road. They plan to stick around until Alyas’ first birthday then they’ll be on their way. They renovated a 30′ Jayco travel trailer and have some great videos if you’re looking to gain some DIY knowledge for your own camper. Check out the interview we did with them here! After talking with them I thought ya’ll might like to learn what a regular day consists of as a full-timer.

What’s a regular day?

So, we’re often asked what a regular day looks like for us as full time RV’ers. It can be a little difficult to answer because it seems like our days vary so much in energy expended. Moving days are exhausting and exploring a big city can take awhile. But then you’ll have quiet, downtime days where you do normal things, like laundry.

Good Morning

This is a brief outline of a non-moving day (I decided to detail this for you versus a moving day of us getting frustrated at each other and preparing our home for an earthquake, maybe next time!)

5:45 am- Our mornings begin at 5:45 am each day, sometimes earlier and sometimes later, but most of the time this is our wake up. I’m loving Eastern time zone for this reason, in California we were waking up at 2:45 am. “Why wake up so early?” you might ask.

Let’s get productive- VIPKid and Palfish

5:45-8:30 am This is our work time! Our hours occur during what they call, Beijing prime time, or when the kiddos are out of school and free to do lessons (it’s about 7-9pm in China). I set up my classroom at the dinette and Luke teaches from the bedroom. We use noise cancelling headsets so we’re not picking up each other’s voices and off we go.

We teach from 2-3 hours (4-6 classes) in the morning. The lessons are 25 minutes each, one-on-one with a student. You have a five minute break between classes. Thank goodness the bathroom is a mere 12 inches from where I sit. So while 2-3 hours isn’t much of a work day it is a very involved 2-3 hours. We cannot step away from our computers/tablets at this time or we risk a teacher no show with our jobs (except for the 5 minute breaks). At this point we work everyday of the week, sometimes we cut back classes on Tuesday.

Independent contractor work

Remember though, with VIPKid and Palfish you can teach as much or as little as you want. If you’re considering it as remote work or just a side hustle, you do not have to teach more than you want. There’s no minimum. Check out my post about it.

The most important meal of the day

8:30-9:30 After morning classes we make breakfast, usually waffles or toast and jelly (and of course coffee but honestly I make that as soon as we roll out of bed). We do feedback for our classes (writing to the parents how the student did in class today and what they need to work on) this takes minimal time, like 10 minutes tops. I take our dog son out for his morning potty break. Then it’s time for a little relaxing. We’ve been binging “That 70’s show” on Netflix lately.

Productivity and you

I used to feel compelled to be productive like all hours of the day, even back when we were finishing teaching at 5 am. I’ve learned it is OKAY to take a break, or a nap for that matter. It felt like I was going non-stop during college and grad school years. It just became my mindset. This is a good life lesson I’ve learned RV’ing and for whoever needs to hear this, your worth is not determined by your productivity. Take care of yourself, do good things, it is okay to take a break.

9:30- Noon The rest of the day is kind of a draw, we might go store hop so I can gather Shop kicks. This is an app I love that I’ve just now thought to share with y’all. You scan items with your phone in stores like Wal-mart, Target, Kroger and get “kicks”. It seriously takes me maybe 2 trips to Walmart to earn a five dollar gift card. I’ve made over $200 in the time I’ve had the app. This means five dollars off groceries, a free pizza from Papa John’s, lots of options!


It’s a good supplement to a tight budget when you’re looking to splurge on a meal or item. After that we’ll see what the town we’re in has to offer on a budget (in Beckley, WV they have a coal mine we plan to go check out soon!). This usually includes a museum, park, walking trail, library, sometimes an arcade. If we’re in a big city the list is pretty endless.


Noon-1pm Lunch time! We almost always cook lunch and dinner at home. It really helps our tight budget and we find we enjoy dinners out together more when we do this. Cooking at home can take some time but hey, I’ve got time! I’ve found I can make just about anything in a tiny RV kitchen that I could make in our apartment in Little Rock. At some point in the afternoon we take Bobby on a hike/walk around the area.

1pm-4pm RV life does include some new chores we were not used to in a apartment. Like dealing with poop a lot more (sorry no nice way to say it!) On the bright side, it takes like 15 minutes to clean the whole house. You have the usual chores, making bed, cleaning bathroom, dusting, wiping counter tops, and vacuuming. We do dishes after every single meal. It’s easy and it is just too tight of quarters to be messy.

Then there’s the black tank, or what I like to call, the poop chute. Luke deals with this as needed. Luckily since we have full hookup a lot of places we stay, the tank is not filling up, we connect directly to the sewer. However, somebody has to handle that hose to connect it to the sewer from the RV, I’ll give you a hint who it is…not me. If temperatures drop below freezing we make sure to put water into our fresh tank and unhook hoses from water at the site. This prevents lines from freezing and lots of other issues. It is very important to keep up with the weather when RV’ing in the winter.

Night Night hours

Evening: Around 7:30 pm we will teach 2-3 more classes if possible. There’s been more availability to teach in the evenings with the kids being out of school. This lengthy break is due to precautions taken to prevent spread of the coronavirus in China. It has left the kids pretty stir crazy (imagine how you’d feel unable to leave your house/see your friends for literal MONTHS) so we do our best to keep classes light and fun at this time.

That is about it! We go to bed early-ish 9:30 or 10 pm because everyday starts early. It is certainly different than our days used to look before but we are happy with where we’re at ❤️.

Post Malone and Swae Lee

Post Malone and Swae Lee Concert Greensboro NC
Not sure why my nose ring is so reflective? But anyway, gotta have a concert pic.
Swae Lee opening!
The dreamy Posty.

After finishing up our time with Nomadic Trio last week we headed to Greensboro to see my love, Post Malone. No worries, Luke knows about this love affair. I’ll keep it short and say the concert was all I hoped it’d be and I still love Posty. He is just as genuine in person as he seems to be in his interviews. Swae Lee puts on a darn good show too and I didn’t realize how many of his songs I already knew until I saw him perform. 10/10 would go again if you want to buy me concert tickets.

Cousin Time

EmbryAdventureCo Luke and Kelsey Embry. Full Time RV life
From left to right: Maria, Adam, Luke, Kelsey, and Myranda

Sorry to backtrack a bit more, but couldn’t leave out our time spent with family. Last Saturday (the day before the concert) we ventured into Greensboro, NC to meet up with Luke’s cousins, Myranda, Maria and her husband Adam. We got delicious pho then headed downtown. We ended up at the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, and I’m so glad we did.

International Civil Rights Center and Museum

The International Civil Rights Center and Museum Greensboro North Carolina
My pictures are few because I could only use my camera in the lobby
The International Civil Rights Center and Museum Greensboro North Carolina

Myranda showed interest in going, and it was seriously one of the best guided tours I have ever been on. The super knowledgeable and well-versed tour guide did an amazing job as she took us through the museum and explained what we saw. We learned extensively about the Greensboro sit-ins, while also learning about changes and unrest throughout the rest of the country. The dining room is preserved exactly as it was as in 1960. Seriously if you’re in Greensboro you should go, even if you’re not a history buff or museums aren’t your favorite, this museum is so important.

Maxie B’s

Maxie B's Greensboro North Carolina
Old fashioned chocolate cake from Maxie B’s

Then on Adam’s request we hit up Maxie B’s for a TON of homemade cake. I have never seen so much cake in one place. The line was long but the cake was worth it. I tried out old fashioned chocolate while Luke got lemon. They were both heavenly.

West Virginia, mountain mama….

Cook out Beckley West Virginia

We’ll be in West Virginia for the next couple weeks and I plan to sing this song until I hate it. If you’ll be nearby, let us know, if there’s something we should do in the area (Beckley and Charleston) let us know! As of now I’m deeply regretting I haven’t eaten at Cook Out in every single Eastern town we’ve passed through (thanks for the recommendation Emily! My diet is sad but my heart is happy).

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    I’ve been waiting for your post. Love it! Thanks for explaining your teaching jobs. That is very interesting! That piece of cake looks delicious! So happy you are enjoying your trip.

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      Thank you! Hopefully the explanation made sense I tried to be thorough!🤓

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