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  1. Heather Pierson says:

    Now that I read this post, I know exactly where you are! Well not exactly since I’ve lived in NC my whole life and somehow never heard of that, but all of the places you’re visiting around it! We go to Hickory often! And how did I miss you were in Charlotte? Man, I’m glad I caught your post the other day in the group! Awesome blog post!

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      So cool! And I dunno 🤷‍♀️ lol, we were only there for a week so not too long. I’m so glad we’ll be able to meet up! thanks Heather!

  2. Glenda K Franklin says:

    Very interesting and congratulations!! What a neat life you all are having!! Be safe and enjoy.

  3. Melissa says:

    Cool read! I love reading about new places! keep up the posting!

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      Thank you! 🙂 and will do!

  4. Yvonne Bond says:

    Congratulations on completing the LCSW exam! That’s a biggie! Proud of you! I’ve visited small wineries and a large one out in CA. I always enjoy these places. I’ve not visited the Carolinas, but it’s moving closer to the top of my list. As always, I look forward to your posts and your adventures in interesting locations. Keep ’em coming! Travel safely dear! ♥️

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      Thank you very much ❤️ it is such a relief to have it over with. We thought the winery was pretty neat too! We will be safe 🙂 always look forward to your comments!

  5. Work Wife says:

    That Elizabeth girl sounds like an exceptional dietitian. Lucky you for working with her 🙂
    Miss you friend!

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      😂 oh she is like the best around, you’ll have to meet her sometime, I miss youuuu

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