Back at it in Bama! (Alabama that is.)

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We rolled out from sweet old Ashdown heading towards Alabama Thousand Trails campground on January 7th,2020 (2020 isn’t that wild?). We enjoyed a long break from Gurdy and a relaxing visit with both sets of parents. I seriously can’t thank them enough for accommodating us and Bobby for a whole month ❤️ they’re just the best.

Family picture for 26th birthday party at Naaman's BBQ
Enjoyed the tastiest birthday dinner at Naaman’s BBQ with all the family, Naaman’s even gave me a peach cobbler with sparkler a candle! How sweet is that?
26th birthday picture
26th birthday selfie
Just a couple birthday selfies for good measure so I’ll have something to look at when I’m old 👵🏻

But all good things must come to an end, ya know in order to make room for new good things. So the day after my 26th birthday we said our goodbyes and headed towards Arley,AL (never heard of it? Yeah well me neither but there’s a Thousand Trails campground there so we are going!)

Gurdy, our 1993 Fleetwood bounder getting a good wash
Gurdy all squeaky clean and ready to roll
RV sticker club
Finally got giant car magnets to hold all our RV sticker club stickers!
Map of current states we've visited
Just for a visual, these are all the states Luke and I have visited at least once and are able to remember the experience (not all during this RV adventure) we’ll try to see as many of the gray states as possible!

Overnight parking in Memphis,AR

We drove about halfway on the first day and stopped overnight at Southland casino in Memphis, fun fact if you didn’t know you can usually boondock at casinos one or two days for free. You don’t have to go into the establishment but it is courteous, so we did since neither of us had ever been inside! We played a couple penny slots, lost, watched the lady next to us win like $70 (Ha…funny thing is that was the machine Luke wanted us to play but I said it looked unlucky …😬 my bad, Luke) then we indulged in the free soda most casinos so lovingly offer. Afterwards, we turned in for the evening with an early morning of classes and eager students ahead of us.

Southland Casino in Memphis,AR
Not my picture but wanted you to see Southland Casino and it’s colorfulness!

Arley, AL

We got on the road again after classes and made it to Arley by about 1:30 pm on Wednesday. It is seemingly in the middle of nowhere but the campground is really pretty. There’s good cell signal for our teaching, and the staff is super nice so I can’t complain! The town of Arley offers the basics like a grocery store, library, and a few diners and coffee shop. Overall cute small town vibes. Pictured below you’ll find some images of the campground we’re currently at.

Thousand Trails Camprgound in Arley,AL recently renovated bathrooms
Listen, I know it’s a bathroom but is this not the most immaculate campground bathhouse you’ve ever seen?
Thousand Trails Camprgound in Arley,AL recently renovated bathrooms
Granite countertops? Okay Thousand Trails 😎
Thousand Trails Camprgound in Arley,AL recently renovated and added on to camp sites
They recently added a whole lot more RV spots, and at this time of year we mostly have the place to ourselves! We stayed in the older portion so we’d have some company (a couple other full timers).
Thousand Trails Camprgound in Arley,AL clubhouse that includes pool, ping pong, television and piano
Luke “playing” piano 😉, all of the Thousand Trail campgrounds we’ve stayed at have club houses but this one is the nicest.
Thousand Trails Camprgound in Arley,AL clubhouse that includes pool, ping pong, television and piano
View from back porch of the club house, we also have a water front view from Gurdy!

Upcoming Travels

We’re about an hour from Birmingham so we’ll try to visit and see the sights there in the next couple days. Drop a comment if you have any suggestions for sightseeing/things to do in the area. Embryadventureco is excited to be back on the road!

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  1. Glad you all are back on the road and having fun! Sure was wonderful having you home during Christmas. Hope you didn’t have any bad weather today. Love you guys!

    1. Just a bit but it passed fairly quickly, happy to have a storm shelter at this campground though! Hope y’all are okay too after the storms!

  2. Gloria Compton says:

    Glad you are back on the road. Enjoy reading about your travels. Stay safe and keep on blogging

    1. Thank you Gloria 🙂!

  3. know that the weather can be terrible. hope you are still above water. very nice looking campground as you noted. thought you both dropped from this world. ankle surgery 1/15/2020. want it to be a relief. 1 more day of work. turn around don’t don’t sink. careful talk soon i hope.

    1. Hi Mel! Yes the weather wasn’t too good today, we went to the storm shelter for a bit. Luke and I will both be praying your surgery goes well! Keep us posted

  4. Donelle kilgore says:

    Glad you are back on your adventure. Be safe. Donelle

  5. Yvonne Bond says:

    Glad you enjoyed your stay and your BD, but I’m excited you’re on the road again. Adventure awaits you! Live, laugh, love, as they say! Travel safely please! 😎

  6. Work Wife says:

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY SINCE YOUR LAST BLOG POST! Glad you guys are off on more adventures. I have zero Birmingham recommendations. We did go to the Space Museum in Huntsville, Alabama one time when I was a kid (in the 60’s, ha!) and I remember it being pretty interesting. That might be too far of a drive for you guys.

    1. 😂lolol “back in the good old days”! And Huntsville is actually about the same distance as Birmingham! We may try to do both if we have time, I’d just been to Huntsville in college for a mission trip so thought we’d check out Birmingham first, but both seem to have a lot to do and I didn’t get to see much in Huntsville when I was there. Glad to have such an eager blog reader and friend 🥰!

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