Wise words from an experienced full timer…of two months.

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“What’s been your favorite thing?” we get that question a lot as full timers, understandably. But it can be a bit difficult to answer. Because when I hear it I think of all the highs and lows, the unexpected, and craziness of it all. That’s what really makes the journey when you think back on it. It sticks out in your memory and becomes a wild or funny story. I still don’t think I’ve fully processed the trauma of A-1 mountain road but I sure get to tell that story a lot, haha. We often recommend the Albuquerque balloon festival to anyone who’s ever dreamed of going because it’s absolutely worth it, seriously I’ve never been to anything like it. I’m forever grateful for the picture that’s etched into my brain of standing at the ocean with my mom and dad.

Thoughts from Luke

I wasn’t particularly sure what to write about this week or the coming weeks (while we’re home with the family) so we’re going to play it by ear if that’s alright with you. I thought I’d let my dear husband, Luke offer some wise words or pro-RV’er tips if you will for any of you that have ever considered starting your own epic adventure.

Luke’s Top Five tips for new full-timers

1. Check your tire pressure frequently! (using a handy dandy gauge) Like before you roll out from each destination, this will save you on possible blowouts, because let me tell you, RV tires ain’t cheap! We use a small portable tire inflator that lets us keep everything in check.

2. Check your fluid levels before each trip, oil, transmission fluid, black/grey/fresh tanks, antifreeze. Water weighs around 8 pounds per gallon, so full water tanks can really hurt your fuel mileage. Also, while we’re talking about tanks and such, clean them ya nasty! We sold our honey pot and deeply regret it, these babies are a jewel to have when you don’t have full hook-up at a campground.

3 Keep a basic toolkit in your basement or lesser used interior compartment, this seems obvious but things will break almost constantly so it’s good to have quick access to your tools. Sometimes it may be a small break like a cabinet hinge loosening and you just need to tighten it up.

4. Make sure there’s nothing under the RV (its good to have bright flashlight for this) and that your jacks are retracted before you move. Fun story, we ran over our WD-40 can as we pulled out of a spot and heard a concerning banging for several minutes before pulling over quickly to find a very smooshed can 🙄.

5. Take it slow. Seriously. It is not a race in an RV. It’s not like driving a car, you’re not going to make better time, it will make your terrible gas mileage even worse, and you’re becoming a danger to yourself and other people on the road. I know it’s cliche but just enjoy the journey in the slow lane, you’ll get where you need to be. I promise.

Family dinner 2019 sharing wise words
Their best attempt at candid photo 😜

Warm Holiday Wishes

I hope you’re enjoying time with your families as much as we are, it is so nice to relax and be at home for a bit even if it’s a bit slower paced than we’re used to. I will be taking a break from the blog these next few weeks but will be back in the new year so don’t you worry! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, friends❤️

Some final wise words; Christmas time consumption thoughts:

Before you buy it ask quote. wise words

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