Nightmare on Mountain Rd. (Ha. Kidding. Sort of…)

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The nightmare begins….

It all started normally enough. “Go boondocking!” they said. “It will be fun!” they said. Well whoever told us to listen to “they” was a big ole dummy. We arrived at A-1 campground on 10/10/19 and in less than 24 hours of setting foot here it felt like I was living in a low budget horror film. I won’t lie I have been known to be a bit over dramatic, but stay with me here cause this is good (in the worst way).

I woke up at 3:45 am to teach after our first night (It sounds terrible but it really does start to get better after awhile. Or maybe I have the benefit of growing up with a dad that drove a bus route, meaning I woke up at unreasonably early times for half my life!) Brrrr, it was a bit chilly in the RV. All good though, turn on the heat and ceramic heater, no problem. Classes go well enough, watch Netflix for a bit, walk Bobby then on with our day.

We headed for downtown Flagstaff, AZ to take ourselves on a little self-guided ghost tour. We love ghost tours. We love Halloween. We love spooky month. 👻

Pro-tip just for you, you special reader, go to the visitor center smack dab in the middle of downtown Flagstaff when you visit and pick yourself up a “Flagstaff’s Haunted Places” brochure then ask your husband to take you to each place and read the stories in a spooky voice. You’re welcome, I just scored you a free ghost tour. But really, we had a fun time exploring and seeing the sights in Historic Flagstaff. I’ll share one quick haunted tale with you then we’ll move on.

The Newlyweds (currently haunting the Weatherford Hotel, pictured above) A bride and groom haunt room 54. According to legend, the honeymooners were murdered in this room in the 1930’s. Most people report eerie feelings or glances of shadowy figures. On one occasion a hotel employee staying at the Weatherford awoke in the middle of the night to find the bride and groom sitting on the foot of the bed. Today the room has been turned into a storage closet, but it hasn’t stopped the ghostly pair. Guests report seeing the couple entering and leaving the room.

Now for the real nightmare. After a lovely day we headed back to the campground to make dinner. All went as planned until the wee hours of 2:45 am. I awoke to Luke staring at me and talking in a panic. “What?” I mumbled. He responded “We got big problems Kelsey. No heat. No power. Nothing will start. Nothing. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do.” I feel this panic quickly wash over me and I jump out of bed to make crappy attempts at helping (like seriously I have no mechanical knowledge what am I gonna do?) Once out of bed I realize just how cold it is. Like it’s in the 30’s outside. And quickly becoming the 30’s in my house. Luke decides our only option is to pray the motorcycle starts and he go to Walmart to get a jump box. So he does this, I feel terrible he’s riding a motorcycle in the cold and dark. I sit in the cold dark RV and encourage Bobby to come snuggle. However he has a double coat so he seems to feel great and proceeds to ignore me. 😐 Luke gets back as quickly as possible and is shivering with the jump box. At this point my classes start in less than 30 minutes. The jump box doesn’t work for awhile. We both want to cry. I try to be calm. I cancel one class and hope for something to work. I hear the generator rev up. I hug Luke tight and prep quickly for my other classes. Later we went to Target because we still felt sad and didn’t really know how to truly fix the problem. At this point we just had a temporary band aid stuck over a gaping hole of a problem. I bought biscuits to host a pity party for Luke and myself. Did you know they don’t have white gravy in Target at Arizona? What a terrible, awful day.

Later on that afternoon, the converter box ceased to provide energy to the house batteries and basically all the batteries that need charging. I feel like I am about to lose my mind and so does Luke. We have got to get out of A-1 campground. Though it’s not really in the budget, we decide we have got to go a campground or RV park with power. We can’t risk another morning like today with our jobs. I call almost every park in the area and they are all full. “WHEN WILL IT END” I mutter to myself. I finally get us a spot with the nice folks at Grand Canyon Gateway RV park. All in all, there is seriously nothing wrong with A-1 campground, it’s really pretty and if your RV isn’t old and decrepit like ours you will probably be fine. But Gurdy was getting bad vibes out there so we had to call it quits.

Our next outing wasn’t for a couple days, we recharged our brains and tried to figure out what was going on with the converter box, we got a new one ordered and there was nothing to do but wait. So on 10/13/19 (Sunday) we took the motorcycle to the Grand Canyon to try and remember how insignificant our problems really were and take in some beauty.

Holy wow. The Grand Canyon is surreal feeling. Like however giant you thought it was, multiply that by like 100 and you might be close to comprehending how big it is. We visited Mather’s point, Yavapai geological museum and Yavapai point. I know, we didn’t even begin to cover all the trails and lookout points, but it was still pretty awesome! Our National park pass came in handy again!

On the way back to the park we passed Flintstones Bedrock City, which is an amusement park and RV park. We didn’t love it enough to pay to go inside, but I got this picture of the sign. If you want to visit here I suggest you go before too long because it seems to be going out of business before too much longer :(.

Monday was Columbus day so USPS did not run, we continued our wait for the converter box. We passed the time at downtown Williams,AZ. It had lots of cute diners, souvenir shops, and just your usual touristy stuff like that. It had Route 66 signs all over the place so it’s a great photo op! We also stopped by Pete’s Route 66 Gas Station Museum.

Replica of the town, Williams,AZ.

I ran free laundry at the RV park (which is another nice perk of staying at a campground or park), I walked many many laps with Bobby, and finally after 4 days the converter box arrived. Luke installed it without too much trouble and we (thought) our problems were resolved. We loaded up and headed to Golden Valley, AZ to stay with another Boondocker’s Welcome host and hopefully recoup some of our lost dollars from our unplanned park stay. It was seriously beautiful here, and again, the hosts were so kind. They encouraged us to make ourselves at home and enjoy the view. I wish I could show you how the city glittered and glowed at night but my photography skills weren’t quite up to par so these images will have to suffice.

That evening we realized the house batteries were still not charging like they should be, Luke mentioned that could have been damaged during the converter box fiasco and that seemed to be the case. So we headed back to town to get new batteries from our trusty friend, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts. New batteries in, good to go, right? Think again. Now the generator is putting out too high of voltage for the converter box. We made it through the night bringing the voltage down by running the air conditioner, fan, heater and anything else we could think of. I offered the blender but Luke said no. I was luckily able to make arrangements with a Boondocker’s Welcome host in Las Vegas who offered full hook-ups to tide us over until our stay at Thousand Trails Las Vegas. Our generator issue at this point just prevents us from dry camping so now we’ve got some time to get an RV mechanic to look at it. But for now, time to enjoy the Fabulous Las Vegas. I’ll leave you with some Las Vegas plant pics and inspirational quotes. I love hearing from you guys some drop a comment or like below!

Give me all the cacti.

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  1. Gloria Compton says:

    Loving your blog. I did stop at the Flintstones park years ago. It was a hoot!! Got my pic made in the Bedrock jail.

    1. It looked so cute! ❤️Thanks Gloria!

  2. Linda says:

    Bless ya! I sure hope you get it figured out quickly!! I know you all will…. yous smaaart & people like you🤓

  3. Mary Welch says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventure through pictures and thoughts! Ya’ll be safe and enjoy.

  4. quite the adventure you will never forget. love the pics. you need to really write a book. vegas can be cool
    this time of year.stay safe keep up the reports. mel

    1. True that! Thanks for the compliment, maybe one day I will! And will do Mel!

  5. Donelle kilgore says:

    Love reading about my friends the gypsies.
    Making special memories everyday.
    Safe travels.

    1. Yvonne Bond says:

      Oh my goodness! Trust in the Lord, He’ll bring you through. Hang in there and make lemonade out of lemons! Love the pics. I’ve been to all those places at the GC! It is truly magnificent and God’s glory abounds everywhere! Y’all have fun above all! ❤️

  6. Work Wife says:

    The scariest part of the entire story is when you said “They don’t sell white gravy at Target in Arizona”. Can I please teach you to make gravy from scratch when you come back?!?!

    Also, if this whole RVing thing doesn’t work out (you are getting some pretty big hints from Mother Nature), Luke can always get a job at the new O’Reilly’s by my house 😃. I kid, I kid. I’m so glad you guys are getting to go on this adventure and that I get to keep up with you through this blog.

    1. Bahaha! You and my mom both want to teach me to make gravy 😂❤️ yes you may. And it sure feels that way some days like Mother Nature is tryin to take me out man!

  7. Susan King says:

    Okay. This is your third DISASTER post!! You are so much braver than I ever thought about being!! Stay sane and enjoy these days as much as possible!!
    And the next time you’re parked somewhere waiting on a package, text me your address and I’ll send you white gravy mix by UPS!!

    1. Lol an end to the bad things must be in sight! Thank you, I never really thought of myself as brave! But guess I am a bit 😁 we’ll do our best to keep on keepin on! And I will certainly let you know when we’re stationary long enough to get a package!

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