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We’ve had several friends and family members ask if we’d be working on the road or were lucky enough to be able to not work a year and travel (I wish!). The reality is we are not that lucky and we will be working remotely (VIPkid and Palfish) as we travel, but hey, that’s still pretty lucky in my book.

Teaching ESL Online

For now, Luke and I have both found freelance work that we hope will keep us afloat as we travel budget consciously across the US. I am a teacher for VIPKid and Qkids, perhaps you’ve heard of them! There are many online ESL (English as a second language) programs that hire folks with a Bachelor’s degree to teach 25 minute English lessons to (mostly) sweet kiddos. I did this as a side hustle while I regularly worked as a social worker to try and build up a bit of a following and to hopefully help me ease into the transition to full-time online teaching.

Kelsey’s work: VIPkid and Qkids

VIPkid logo

Overall, it’s a pretty sweet gig with not a lot of prep work, oh, and you get to meet kids and their families across the world! So neat! Some of my students I’ve taught enough times to meet their mom,dad, siblings, and learn about their school life/friends/etc. I hope to teach around 200 classes a month once opening up my schedule full time. It is a bit difficult to get used to the crazy hours. I work Beijing prime time which is usually 6 am-8 am where we are. You can also teach overnights on the weekend if you’re really feeling up for a challenge. If you’re interested in a easy side hustle that works well with another job please reach out to me!

The application process is straightforward and painless, you’ll 1)Apply to be a teacher (click the link below), 2) Do your interview demo lesson, which can be recorded and submitted or done live, 3) Certification stage, you’ll prepare 2 mock lessons (lessons provided),and give it your all! 4) Pass a short TESOL (Teaching English as second language) quiz and boom! You’re a teacher now.

I’ve included my VIPkid link and referral code below:

VIPkid link

Referral code: KELSE0148

(this can be used at anytime in the application process)

VIPkid goodbye slide
This is a slide I use at the end of my lessons to help students remember to leave me a review of my teaching and to (hopefully) book me again.

I started teaching with Qkids later in our journey as VIPKid underwent some company changes. While I’m still happy to be working for both companies I am so thankful for the stability Qkids has provided us. Qkids lessons are the same amount of time but I teach four kiddos instead of one. This may sound overwhelming but I promise it works. Qkids strives to gamify the learning experience and I find these lessons fly by as compared to VIPkid when I have a super shy kid. You do not have to use props and there is very little prep required.

Referral Link for Qkids: https://teacher.qkids.com/ref?code=KEUOJM

Referral Code: KEUOJM

Luke’s work: Palfish

Luke teaches but with another ESL company known as “Palfish”, it’s not quite the same as VIPkid but it offers a neat teaching platform. Palfish is strictly mobile based meaning you can teach from a phone or tablet. Palfish also does not require a Bachelor’s to teach, only a TEFL/TESOL certification. If you’re interested in learning more about Palfish, Luke’s referral number is 89426213. Drop us a comment/email/text and we’d be happy to tell you all about Palfish.

Here’s the direct link for applying to Palfish:

Palfish Application Link

Palfish Referral Number: 89426213

palfish logo

That’s the work situation for now and honestly, so far so good, but just for good measure keep your fingers crossed for us! If you haven’t already, check out our post about renovations to the RV

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  1. I am a VIPKid teacher and enjoy it. I have thought about trying another teaching platform to fill in any openings during the week.

  2. I’m a Palfish teacher and I love it. Admittedly, I’ve been on an indefinite break due to a health condition but should be getting back to it soon. Teaching English online is a great job, glad you enjoy it as well.

    1. lillardkelsey says:

      Thanks Corinne!

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  4. […] As mentioned in previous posts, Luke returned to school in January and that has been quite the adventure in itself. Calculus 2 is no joke, anyone that’s a whiz in this subject feel free to drop into the comments or our email ;). Luke is taking a full course load and still managing to be a great teacher to his online students in the wee hours of the morning. Though it’s not easy to wake up so early it really is a great fit for a college student. We’d highly recommend the gig to anyone else looking for part time income and needing a flexible work schedule. Blog post to our online work, here. […]

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